5th July 2016


Enter Martin & Rhoades:
Martin & Rhoades press square(1)

Ollie Martin and Adi Rhoades, producers, radio DJ’s, club DJ’s and music marketing professionals best describe what this duo is all about. Very new to starting a branded career front but backed with years of experience in the music industry working for established names such as Pendulum, Chase and Status, Warner Records and The Prodigy to name only a few. Ollie and Adi are the ideas behind their own new record label ‘Needledrop Sound‘ which promises to follow no trends, fit no niche specific genres but deliver only the music they feel should be heard by their friends and the inner circle.

M&R step up to the decks each and every month to bring you ‘The Underground Music Show’ on the mighty Kane FM. The aim of the show is to introduce predominantly new bass music from all spectrums to the shows listeners both through the airwaves and who listen online. The show doubles up to bring you a podcast so that you can download and consume in your own time and hopefully appreciate the love that goes into sharing the early promos with you and yours.